Domain due diligence

When making things simpler gets complex

Spurred on by the matter of the disappearing VPS, I decided to try and go through all the things I have hosted somewhere online. It turns out that over time you can accumulate a lot of unnecessary cruft in the online world the same as you can in the real one. I decided to start by reversing my age old practice of having registered various domain names with whoever the cheapest registrar was at the time. [Read More]

OK... just static... come back...

Hugo + Github Pages

So recently I found myself in the position where one of the websites I run got wiped from the face of the internet when the hosting provider deleted the VPS that it was running on. Needless to say this was a somewhat irritating circumstance to find myself in. Whilst I did have recent backups (everyone should these days) this particular site was running on WordPress and as much as I like WordPress the thought of standing everything up from scratch on a new VM was not appealing. [Read More]